Access and Use of Google User Data

Our application requests access to certain Google user data to provide enhanced functionality and improve user experience. Here is how we handle Google user data:

  1. Access: Our application may request access to your Google user data, such as your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts, to provide functionalities like syncing your calendar events, accessing your contact list, or managing emails. You will be asked to provide consent to access this data through Google’s authentication and permission process.
  2. Use: We use the Google user data accessed to deliver features and services within our application. For instance, if our application integrates with your Google Calendar, it uses the data to schedule reminders based on your existing calendar events. We do not use Google user data for any other purposes than those expressly permitted by you.
  3. Storage: Any Google user data that we store is held on secure servers. We take significant measures to ensure the integrity and security of data, including encryption at rest and in transit. Data is stored only for as long as necessary to provide the services to you, or to comply with our legal obligations.
  4. Sharing: We do not share your Google user data with third parties except as necessary to provide the functionality of the application or to comply with legal requirements. For example, we might need to share data with cloud hosting services to host our application but will ensure that these services comply with strict data protection standards.
  5. Security: We are committed to ensuring the security of your Google user data. We employ a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
  6. Revocation: You can revoke our access to your Google user data at any time through the Google security settings page. Upon revocation, we will stop any further use of your Google data and delete any of your data stored in our servers, unless required to be retained by law.
  7. Compliance: We adhere to Google’s API Services User Data Policy and ensure our use of Google APIs is transparent, secure, and complies with all relevant legal requirements.